That's right-we've hit our 20th year!  At MORE, our message has always been about love and grace.  We all need people to encourage us and help us grow as children of God.  We recognize that Jesus spent the majority of His time on earth developing friendships and that people are the most valuable thing in the universe.

Jesus said, “On love hangs all the law and prophets.” Why would our focus be on anything other than love?

Relationships and love are more important than theology.  Seriously-we mean it.  We don't care who you are or what you've done-there is GRACE for us all and there is a place at the table for everyone.

There is a unique path set before each of us and we at MORE want to be a part of your growth and the discovery of your purpose. Join us as we break new ground, help mend hearts and create a safe space for all to encounter our living God!