MORE on Wednesday Nights

We have two semesters a year (February through May and July through November) where we have different programs happening in the sanctuary on Wednesday nights.  Sometimes it's a sermon series, sometimes it's a new guest speaker each week, sometimes there's a theme...

We meet from 6:30-8 PM, usually starting the evening off with worship.

For our July/August 2018, we are offering a series called "Six Weeks of Pressing In."  During this time we will concentrate on prayer, praise and ministry, with a specific focus each week.  

July 25: "Breakthrough" led by Joy & Chad Conner, with prayer concentration specific for breakthrough & deliverance.  Matt & Kat will lead the drum-driven music. 

August 1: "Crump Church" will be led by one of our elders, Bob Crump, with special music by Pastor Lyndal Waldrip (you'll just have to show up to see what that means!) 

August 8:  "Back to School" night of praise, led by various teachers in our congregation who will pray us into the new school year with worship by our full worship band.

August 15:  "Prophecy Service" will be led by Lyndal Waldrip, where we will give prophetic words and have worship with Kathryn.

August 22:  "Faith for a Miracle" will be led by Kathryn Roach and will include miracle testimonies, prayer for miracles and music with Tanner & Linsey.

August 29:  "Power Impartation" led by Jennifer Martin with music by Tanner and Linsey Beggs.


Beginning September 5th, we will have a new Wednesday night program that Patti Conner will be leading.  She will spend the next 11 weeks teaching on prophecy, dreams and visions.  Patti has taught many dream interpretation classes over the years and has also just finished writing a book!  Join us from 6:30-8 PM each Wednesday until our winter break.