MajorSeven Recording Studio



MajorSeven is connected to and run by More and Matt Lemburg who is on staff full-time as More's lead musician.  Matt has been running the studio for the last three years but his total time spent producing, recording and mixing along with playing in different types of bands goes back twenty five years.

         Our mission is to be good stewards of the resources given to us by recording top notch music and doing so at a price that does not take advantage of our clients.  We believe that the ability to create music, or anything for that matter, is given to us by God and that we honor Him and His love for the world by being a light in our city.  This means that we do not shy away from recording those whose music reflects a heart that is sincere and seeking to create something beautiful wether they are part of our church, or any church, or not.

        There are a few pictures to look at as well as a list of the gear that we have available for recording.  Also, there are several samples of music that have been recorded here and you can find us on Facebook here.


R e c o r d i n g   F o r m a t

Alesis HD24 hard disc recorder plus
Computer audio via Presonus Firestudio

M i x e r s

Analog - Mackie 32-8
Digital - Logic and Cubase

O u t b o a r d   G e a r

Universal Audio 4-710 preamp
Aphex 207 mic preamp
ART Dual MP mic preamp
 PreSonus Firestudio

Universal Audio 2-1176 compressor
Drawmer DL 241compressors
dbx 262 compressor
t.c. electronics effects

Klark-Teknik DN360 EQ

M i c r o p h o n e s

AKG 3000B
AKG D112
Audio Technica AT4035's
Audio Technica MB 4000C's
Audio Technica PRO 37's
Groove Tube MD2 (large diaphragm) stereo pair
Neumann KMS 105 dynamic mics
Sennheiser 609ce
Shure Beta 52
Shure SM57's and 58's
Shure 55S

M o n i t o r s

Alesis M1 Active Mk2

G u i t a r s

1959 Guild M65 electric
G&L Legacy Strat
Danelectro Baritone electric
Fender Jazz Bass

1940's Martin ukule
Yamaha 420 Acoustic (1989)
Goya Classical
Ibanez 12-String
A mandolin and a banjo too!

K e y s

Wurlitzer console piano (50's era)
Korg Trton LE
Rhodes 88
Hammond M3 with Leslie (147)
Roland JX-3P
 Hohner melodica

A m p l i f i e r s

1968 Fender Twin
Fender Blues Jr.
Fender Bassman

O t h er

Trace Elliot 4x10 cabinet

Tama Star Classic Bubinga drum kit with K cymbals


B Room



Produced at MajorSeven

MORE  You're Lifting Me Higher, 2016

Strangetowne  Hard Earned Love, 2015

Western Wild  Volume 1, 2014

Strangetowne  Self-titled EP, 2014

StreetChoir  Sympathetic Friend, 2013

Produced previously

Palo Duro Cowboy Church  Grace Again 2009

StreetChoir  The Innocence 2009; co-produced w/ Kevin Prosch

Erin Stuart  Little Listener 2008

Josh Feldman  2007

Streetchoir  Since We've Been Apart 2007; co-produced w/ Kevin Prosch

Josh Feldman; 2006

StreetChoir  Walk Into This Room 2005

Will McCabe; For All You've Done 2005

Kehrt Chestnut; 2004

StreetChoir  Forgive and Forget 2003; co-produced w/ Kevin Prosch

StreetChoir  Tomorrow's Dreams 1999

Guitar Room