In Our Community


Changing Our Community One Life at a Time

Based in the heart of San Jacinto, our center meets the needs of residents using tools such as food, hygiene items & baby supplies. Through relationship, we receive the opportunity to focus on deeper issues contributing to poverty in this neighborhood. MORE is proud to be a part of and support this community center. If you would like to know more about Acts Community please visit their website at  You can learn a bit more about Chad Conner, who oversees the center, on our leadership page.


The PREP program (Prisioner ReEntry Project) is a faith-based program at the Randall County Jail to help those incarcerated in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice system to adapt and get a head start on life outside of prison, upon their release from TDCJ. They are trained through various programs and classes and are assisted in obtaining proper paperwork, autos, jobs, etc. before they get out. We rely heavily on employers to hire them and mentors meet with them on a regular basis. Administrative Pastor Lyndal Waldrip is the PREP Project Coordinator. If you want to help in any way with the PREP Program please contact us or Lyndal Waldrip at


In partnership with other local churches and the city, approximately 200 sack lunches are distributed to the homeless in downtown Amarillo every weekend.  MORE has committed to donating and delivering these lunches every second and fifth Sunday of the month. The lunches contain messages of salvation, hope, and most of all, love.

Here are the guidelines for the meal structure:
In accordance with city ordinances, everything in your lunch sack must be pre-packaged – nothing can be made at home. 
Each lunch should include:

  • a piece of fresh fruit (banana or orange-a fruit with skin);
  • a pack of crackers, chips or other packaged snack;
  • cookies or another sweet;
  • can of Vienna sausage, pouch of tuna or pop-top can of fully-cooked, ready-to-go ravioli, soup etc. (please include an eating utensil).
  • Optional items include a small sleeve of packaged crackers, sticks of string cheese or small package of peanuts or other nuts.

For more information, contact us or Gary Jones, the coordinator for this outreach.


We have a group of people who go to Plum Creek Nursing Home every Sunday morning. They spend time with these wonderful people who don't otherwise get a chance to attend church. Instead, we take church to them. They sing with the residents and have a short devotional lesson. If you are interested in joining these dedicated people take church and fellowship to those at Plum Creek,  please contact Sherry Moore at


This group goes into hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and the homes of our members that are unable to join us on a regular basis because of health problems. We talk and pray with them and let them know that we earnestly care. Please contact us if you are interested in being a part of this important ministry.


This ministry is very important to us because it opens eyes to something that happens in our city (yes, our city).  Amarillo is on a direct route that traffickers frequently use to transport people back and forth (I-40).  We work with several local organizations as well as many in Thailand and Cambodia to bring awareness and help to those caught in the downward cycle of this awful crime.  We have an annual fundraiser where we stand at street corners and give brochures to drivers to bring about awareness.  You'd be amazed at how many people have pulled over because their relative was trafficked and they are so happy to see people bringing light to the issue; or the police officers who've said thanks because they know what really happens in our community!  The money raised goes toward local non-profits, groups we work with overseas and our mission team that travels each year to Asia to specifically work with groups combatting this epidemic.  You can contact us here for more information about how to get involved or talk with Christine Stickrod, who is one of our lay-pastors at MORE.