Elders, Deacons & Lay-Pastors

MORE has 12 Elders that oversee the spiritual & financial health of the church. There are 8 non-staff Elder positions and 4 Staff Elders positions. The Elders are lead by Senior Pastor Daryl Roach but operate as a body. The decisions that are made require unanimous agreement. We have operated with this Elder Leadership model since starting the church in November, 1999.

Pastors Daryl & Wendy Roach
Senior Leaders of MORE

Pastors Lyndal & Becky Waldrip
Administrative Senior Pastor

Jim & Joni Holley
Board President
Jim-Owner of HUD’s Restaurant
Joni-Teacher AISD

Johnny & Carol Saunders
Johnny-Retired: Amarillo Fire Department

Jimmie & Muriel Fields
Owners of Jimmie & Muriel Fields Builders

Bob & Debra Crump
Bob-Chief Deputy Randall County Sheriff’s Department

Keith & Sherry Moore
Keith-Code-Whisperer at Pantex

The Deacons at MORE are responsible for the physical care of the church. They assist folks on Sunday mornings that need help in any way. They lead our team of Watchmen that oversee the security of the church. The Deacons administrate the Martha Ministry that provides meals and comfort for those members that have had a hospital stay or a difficult time. The list of duties is long and varied from locking up the church to ministering at the altar.  The Deacons at MORE are busy every week serving the needs of our body.

Kerry & Susan Luke

Troy & Camelia Johnson

Brad & Crystal Chambers

Mike & Tina Hadley

Perry & Tammy Hawkins

Eli & Danielle Ramos

Lonny & Delinda Flake

Bruce & Christine Ballard

Patrick & Shelly Wood

Jim & Cathy Thompson